Fry the Gator Party! Mizzou vs. Florida

We’ll be at Percy’s (13th and Ave. A) on Saturday, Oct. 19th for our game against Florida. We’re going into the game 6-0 so get excited! Mizzou is ranked 14th in the AP poll so it should be a good game! Percy’s is even serving up fried  GATOR!!! We will even have our chances to break the gator Piñata open!

Kickoff is at 12:21 EST but get there early to enjoy drink specials

The menu will include REAL ALLIGATOR:

Alligator Tenderized Fillets

Alligator Legs

Alligator Nuggets

Smoked Alligator & Pork Sausage

McIlhenny Farms Hot’n Sweet Pickles

ZAPP’S Cajun Crawtator Potato Chips


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And always, shirts and koozies on sale to support MizzouNYC!


October 19, 2013
12:00 pm
Percy's Tavern 210 Avenue A New York NY 10009
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